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Guide to Web Publishing for Profit
On this web publishing for profit site, I have endeavoured to describe the skills you will need, and the tools you will need, to succeed in web publishing for profit on the Internet.

Web Publishing for Profit
Web publishing for profit means making money from your writing. It means being rewarded for the hard work and skill that goes into your writing. It means creating a residual income stream that will mean more and more profit for you as you continue to write and self-publish.

Self Publishing on the Web for Profit
I have tried to stay focussed on the ix desk site and ONLY concentrate on self-publishing for profit on the World Wide Web. By this, I mean, only concentrating on discussing your own writing, and your own publishing - my reasoning is that if you do it for yourself you maximise your profit.

Self Publishing for Profit Software Tools
If you have been thinking about writing, and are eager to get started web publishing for profit for yourself, take a look at the Around the Web page. This page at ix desk lists places that offer free publishing tools and software - a good page to bookmark.

Discover Writing
It is time for you to discover writing, and get started utilising your word skills in a productive and profitable way. My discover writing page here at ix desk will motivate and encourage you to do the most important thing - WRITE!